PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk.
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Company Profile

Automotive tire manufacturer PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA) was first established in 1991, just as Indonesian business and industry were expanding and upgrading. By 1994 the factory had commenced production of replacement tires for automobiles, as the number sold each year grew rapidly. MASA first sought technical assistance from global manufacturer Pirelli (1991~1994), followed by a similar agreement with Continental (1994~2000).

MASA grew with the global era, expanding its manufacturing complex which today covers ten hectares of buildings, sited on a 61-hectare site in East Cikarang, approximately one hour by car from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

Determinedly ambitious from the outset, the ACHILLES, CORSA and STRADA brands competed for market share through reliable, quality products, with excellent follow-up service. Passenger Car Radial (PCR) tire production was complemented by Light Truck Radial (LTR) and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) tires, all world-class and familiar today in international markets. MASA tires are seen in daily use on nearly every continent, in scores of countries, and are considered benchmarks of quality among industry peers.

Every year since 2004, when the company was taken on by new owners and a new management team, sales have risen steeply. The new team first carried out a comprehensive review of management policy and performance, followed by an implementation of upgrades across the board. Streamlined production and distribution systems boosted overall efficiency, as committed professionals, men and women with decades of experience in the tire manufacturing industry, guided MASA forwards.

MASA simultaneously launched its breakthrough product, the ACHILLES Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire, which garnered tremendous interest when it appeared in 2005. Its manufacture was only possible through the installation of a completely new and state-of-the-art production line. The premiere of ACHILLES, positioned to compete against high-end world-class performance tires from major manufacturers, marked a significant commitment by MASA to deliver leading-edge tire technology to its customers. New confidence in our competitive strength emboldened the company to move into specialized areas of production such as winter tires for northern climes.

Faithful adherence to global quality standards, overseen by a proven professional management team, was certified by the award of ISO 9001-2000 and SNI 19-17025-2000 accreditation.

Just as with other consumer product manufacturers, MASA is subject to market fluctuations, and movements in the global economy. Given an optimistic environment, the Company foresees further expansion of production, and introduction of novel products, to fulfil market requirements. The space is available for expansion, in our broad land parcel; prudent management means MASA can secure low-cost capital for growth as necessary.

Our success inspires confidence and optimism in future enterprise. Experienced, prudent and visionary management, supervising a well-trained and competent work force (average tenure = seven years), ambitious, intelligent distributors and dealers – all benefitting from our competitive advantages. MASA is positioned today to assume advantage in developing tire market trends worldwide.